Members Only: 4 Exclusive Travel Clubs You’re Gonna Want To Join

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We all know a membership doesn’t automatically spell excitement. There are a plenty of mundane things you can be a member of: the library, the gym, a supermarket reward system and even the bridge club, if you have grandchildren. But all that is not extraordinary, and thus has no place here. We’re talking about members only clubs for fearless adventurers, … Read More

8 Breathtaking Underwater Museums Even Non-Divers Can Visit

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For most people, the word “museum” conjures up a similar image: large, brightly lit rooms with roped-off walls. Tired attendants slouch in corners repeating something about flash photography. A guy in a hat rambles pretentious half-truths about the art at an unsuspecting love interest. Not to mention the queues, so long you have to reroute your mail. As we all … Read More

The Best Ancient Underwater Cities You Can Actually Visit

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Shi Cheng City, China

There is a whole mysterious world out there, hidden in plain sight. This world is full of life but remains uninhabitable to humans: The deep blue sea. Mankind has made great strides since the beginning of our time, and with the opposable thumb the idea to build a cathedral was born. But much of the mirror world underneath remains untouched … Read More