Penthouse In The Sky: 11 Luxury Tree Houses Across The USA

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Moonlight Tree House In Ohio

So you’ve been around the block a few times and have stayed at all the usual hotels: the ones with bellhops and sea-facing views, boutique places with too much furniture, hotels in vibrant, exciting cities with an impressive breakfast spread.

You want to do something different this time, so that when you talk about your holiday, no one interrupts you with their story of the time they stayed there which was even better.

Why not dig up those childhood memories and head for a tree house somewhere in the good old USA?

That’s something not many of your friends will be doing on their weekends off, guaranteed.

If you’re worried that “tree house” means you’ll have to compromise on comfort, it doesn’t. We are not talking about austere affairs where you need to bring your own sleeping bag, here.

Read on to find a list of eleven tree houses that are more like mansions in trees, really.

These places come equipped with everything you’d find at a regular hotel, and then some: jacuzzis, full bars, kitchens, fireplaces, the works.

Which does not make them any less ideal for spin-the-bottle or scary story time. Pick one from the following list, pack a torch and plenty of candy and climb up to your secret hideout – who’s to stop you?


1. Romantic, Luxury Tree House Retreat at Bolt Farm, South Carolina

Luxury Treehouse Bolt Farm South Carolina

Luxury Treehouse Bolt Farm South CarolinaPhoto source: Airbnb

This tree house is where all your childhood dreams meet your adult wishes. It has all the perks of a true blue tree house, but all the ones of a luxury romantic pad for two to boot. If you ever longed to stay somewhere ideal for a wedding shoot, this is your chance: the soft pastels inside are a magical contrast to the adventurous outside – from a firepit to gorgeous antique furniture and the sound of an old school record player, this place leaves nothing out. If you want to go all out, treat yourself to the VIP package – an experience created to make this stay unforgettable and the two of you smile all day long.

Walhalla, South Carolina

1 Bedroom

From $265 per night


2. Tree House at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

Tree House At Kilauea Volcano Hawaii

Tree House At Kilauea Volcano HawaiiPhoto source: Airbnb

This place feels like you’re in a movie. An action movie about volcanoes and their tamer: you. You have saved the world and now you’re ready to relax in the hot tub set into the beautiful wooden deck of your tree house. It’s a tough job, saving the world, you think as you squint into the distance over the branches of your home. You look at the stars and know that there are gigantic volcanoes a stone’s throw away looking at the same ones. You know them like the back of your hand. Roll credits.

Hawaii Volcano National Park

1 Bedroom

From $275 per night


3. Dreamy Tropical Tree House, Hawaii

Dreamy Tropical Tree House Hawaii

Dreamy Tropical Tree House HawaiiPhoto source: Airbnb

Another Hawaiian treasure. This remote paradise is for those seeking total seclusion. The world could end and you wouldn’t know it. This place is a lovely choice for environmentalists, using rainwater and other natural resources. Climb up to your own private lanai – that’s Hawaiian for veranda, which is Portuguese for porch – and feel like you’re on top of the world. Which you very nearly are, on locally harvested bamboo stilts that hold you 15 feet above the ground. So get up here to enjoy rainy days in the depths of a tropical forest and awake to the sound of some exotic bird rather than a garden variety rooster.

Fern Forest, Hawaii

1 Bedroom

From $200 per night


4. Romantic, Rustic Off-Grid Tree House, California

Romantic Rustic Off Grid Tree House California

Photo source: Airbnb

Leave the kids at home this winter and enjoy a lovely weekend away. Just you, your loved one and the mules, deer, bobcats, turkeys, mountain lions and owls. This rustic beauty is well worth the drive, and rest assured no one will be hot on your heels over here. Word on the farm is you must be willing to plant a tree, though. And take an outdoor shower, which is one of the most exhilarating experiences money can buy. The stars above you and hot water streaming down is liberating like nothing else. There is no fancy tub that comes close to making you feel as alive. Try it.

Escondido, California

1 Bedroom

From $200 per night


5. Astonishing Family Friendly Tree House, Texas

Family Friendly Tree House Texas

Family Friendly Tree House Texas Family Friendly Tree House TexasPhoto source: Glamping Hub

If you do want to take the kids along to bore them to tears with stories of your childhood sans tree house, this is the place to do it. Since you are in a tree house, you can shed your cloak of adulthood and get down to some good old childish fun. Go play a round of Marco Polo in the lake, check out Austin, the self proclaimed weird city, or just stay in and build a blanket fort, for once. Just don’t expect the little ones to ever stop nagging you about getting a tree house of their own after you take them here. You wouldn’t be reading this if you ever got over it, either.

Austin, Texas

2 Bedrooms

From $481.50 per night

Glamping Hub

6. Primland, Virginia

Primland Tree House VirginiaPhoto source: Primland

If tree houses are not what you think of when you think luxury, think again – the above ground houses of Primland are more tree villas than houses. They come equipped with everything you could possibly want for in a fancy pad and have some of the best views found on the continent, but still earn you the right to claim you spent the weekend at a tree house. Choose one of three houses on offer: live like an owl in a sturdy oak tree, enjoy the air at the top like a hawk or perch like an eagle gazing down into the valley. All three come with fantastic decks, so you can hang out with the other birds inhabiting the region.

Meadows of Dan, Virginia

1 Bedroom

From $618 per night

Primland Tree Houses

7. Tree House Point, Washington

Tree House Point Washington

Tree House Point Washington Tree House Point WashingtonPhoto source: Tree House Point

If ever you find yourself in Seattle, head about thirty minutes east along the Raging River, and you will find tree house Point. Here you will find six tree houses of all different shapes and sizes – one of them is sure to win your heart. Your choice of a secret fort could be Bonbibi, the little one, Burl, the enchanted forest house, Nest, the hidden one, Temple of the Blue Moon, the cinematic one, Trillium, the panoramic one or Upper Pond, the gorgeous crowd pleaser by the pond that will fulfil all your Lifetime movie dreams: Watch the light dancing on the water from the trees surrounding it and write a letter to someone reading out loud as you write.

Fall City, Washington

1 Bedroom

Contact the property

Tree House Point

8. Winvian Farm Tree House, Connecticut

Winvian Farm Tree House Connecticut

Winvian Farm Tree House Connecticut Winvian Farm Tree House ConnecticutPhoto source: Winvian

If, on the other hand you happen to be on the opposite side of the country, don’t worry because you’ve got another sublime option: The Winvian Farm tree house in the hills of Litchfield, the place to be in the fall. If you are going to be there, you better admire the famous colorful forest from 35 feet above the ground: from this tree house, where you can have a drink from the full bar to really tie the experience together. Once the sun sets on those reds yellows and browns you can retreat to the jacuzzi or sit by the fireplace. It could be worse, couldn’t it?

Morris, Connecticut

1 Bedroom

From $649 per night

Winvian Farm

9. Moonlight Tree House, Ohio

Moonlight Tree House In Ohio

Moonlight Tree House In Ohio Moonlight Tree House In OhioPhoto source: Mochicans Tree Houses

Who’s ever heard of a tree house with a chandelier? You have, that’s who, because this lovely property has one. If you think that goes together like pillow fights and champagne, we’d have to agree. That, too, sounds like an amazing combo. This lovely tree house dials up the whimsy but does not skimp on the finer things in life either. It is an ideal choice if you want to daydream about the past but would like to do so leaning on beautiful granite counters.

Glenmont, Ohio

2 Bedrooms

From $250 per night

Mohicans Tree Houses

10. Out’n’About Tree Houses, Oregon

Out'n'About Tree Houses OregonPhoto source: Out’n’About Tree Houses

What’s a tree house without a punny name? Well, still a tree house, but a less exciting one. Introducing the Out n’ About tree houses: Serendipitree, Pleasantree, Elemetree… you get the idea. A collection of 9 tree lodgings is at your disposal here, all of them beautifully furnished, classic tree houses to bring you back to high school. The Majestree sleeps 4-7 people and looks just like it sounds: majestic. A whopping 47 feet off the ground, it is the highest house on the property and arguably the coolest one, too: you have to cross two suspension bridges to get there. This place just screams adventure.

Cave Junction, Oregon

1-2 Bedrooms

From $150 per night

Out’n’About Tree Houses

11. Tree House Hotel with Wraparound Deck, North Carolina

Tree House Hotel With Wraparound Deck North Carolina

Tree House Hotel With Wraparound Deck North CarolinaPhoto source: Glamping Hub

Last but not least, a pad that puts the glam in glamping. This gorgeous thing is essentially a palace, on stilts. A fairytale spot for four, it comes with a wraparound deck, so you can have an outdoor grill party among the trees. Have your companions do the heavy lifting while you relax in one of the rocking chairs on your own personal sky deck, feeling like you own the forest. And take the room in the turret, because you found the place, after all.

Asheville, North Carolina

2 Bedrooms

From $481.50 per night

Glamping Hub


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